High Resolution Inspection

Easy, Fast and Non Destructive 2D & 3D Measurements
Zoom 0.1x – 10 000x, Modular Configuration, Multiple Lighting, Motorized Stands


High-Definition Chromatic Confocal Point Sensor

Mounted on our high-precision stands, it’s possible to get the best for your applications, from super speed non-contact profilometry to high-resolution surface scans.


 Bringing ultimate precision to the Microscope

Choose either motorized or manual motion for X, Y and Z axes, vertical horizontal and angle-free inspection and various sizes of stages to fit any kind of sample.


Precise & Quick Observation

Lenses for all types of applications: from Macro zoom lens to super high-resolution 10,000x zoom lens. The best optics and adapters to suit your needs. Motorized zoom, objective change and lighting or manual lenses.


An essential feature to get the best image quality 

Discover our various lighting options: from UV to diffuse lighting to observe a sample with the best image quality,  complementing the microscope’s abilities


Inspection Consulting and Microscope Videography

We provide a wide range of services from calibration & training to sample analysis & solution consulting.


Active and Dedicated Support

Our customers are our priority and we want to offer them the best experience.