Absolute High Resolution Image

The latest innovation in 3D Digital Microscopy

The HRX-01 is the result of over 40 years of optical manufacturing from Hirox

High Resolution 5.0 MP Sensor

New 5.0 Mega pixel CMOS chip supporting ultra-high resolution with 50 frames per second providing crystal clear images.

Live HDR & Automatic Optimisation

The HRX-01 artificial intelligence automatically select the optimal observation settings according to the observation scene and object.

Advanced Lighting

Additional external lighting controlled by the software such as the newly developed dual side lighting option for the highest  observation flexibility.

New 4K Interface

No need for “all-in-one systems”! Running on 4K windows PC, choose your favourite software features for your samples, create and save customized settings 

The telecentric Ultra-High Resolution motorized zoom Lens provides high precision 3D reconstruction even at low magnification with no distortion.

All the new lenses are now fully motorized – including zoom, turret & lighting – for faster and easier sample observation!

Intelligent magnetic adapters with RFID chips reduce human error, save time and make microscopy fun again!

Hirox created a completely new inclination stand featuring multiple integrated sensors with high precision 80 mm motorized Z axis.

Multiple XY stages options: from 50x50mm up to 1000x1000mm
for automatic XYZ acquisition, including extra large 3D stitching!

New built-in transmitted illumination, increasing the observation capabilities, as well as antivibration feet for improved stability.

Exclusive Hirox 360° Rotary-Head

High-precision mirror set 

with motorized rotation


The patented Hirox 3D Rotary-Head enables inspection from various angles with adjustable speed over 360°

No need to touch the sample!

Easily understand and recognize complicated shapes or surfaces

Smooth & high-quality 

photos & videos of the sample

HRX-01 or RX-100?

The brand new Hirox 3D Digital Microscope generation at your finger tips!

HRX-01: flagship model featuring a 5MP sensor to suit 4K resolution and all new motorized HR lenses

RX-100: standard model featuring a 3MP sensor to suit Full-HD resolution and new Telecentric lens or manual HR lenses

Customize your system: choose your main unit, software suite, lenses, adapters & stand


An Application Platform completely redesigned

New 4K Software Interface

The new flexible interface takes advantage of the 4K displays commonly available now on standard PC. All the controls & options are easily laid out while keeping a clear full width, pixel-perfect images from the lens.

Live Multi Focus

This standard function instantaneously creates a fully focused image
even for objects with large height differences. Anyone can easily perform this expanded observation without being limited by the depth-of-field.

3D Tiling & Map

Just select the area of interest to stitch images automatically in real-time with the motorised XYZ stage, creating amazing high resolution images with a wide field of view. With the “map” function, the tiled image is displayed on the screen so you just need to click on the map to bring the stage to the clicked position.

Auto 2D Measurement

Accurate and calibrated measurements in real-time, including length, area, angle, diameter, and automatic surface area. The combination of encoded optics and powerful software eliminates any human errors by automatically selecting and displaying the correct lens,
adapter and scale on the screen at any time.

Easy 3D Measurement

Simply adjust the profile slicer to visualize and measure any details on the 3D object: the profile created is like a virtual cross section allowing precise measurements. Using the profile measurement function, it’s very simple to measure height, volume, roughness, angle or radius for example by simply “drawing” a circle with 3 points.

Contamination Analyzer

Particles are automatically detected with pass/fail judgment (ISO16232 Compliant). Advanced statistical data with histogram and frequency distribution are automatically calculated and displayed in Excel. It’s very easy to measure the shape of every particle and distinguish between dust from fiber or metal particles.

HDR Image Auto Optimisation

Samples can be complex in terms of shape, depth, surface and material.
Therefore, using the right lighting method is key to the perfect inspection.
We offer a broad range of lightings such as UV, dome, polarization and more!

The clearest pictures, the highest measurement capabilities & the most intuitive User Interface so far!