The Pioneer of 3D Digital Microscopes
Hirox is more than just a Digital Microscope company, we make the impossible possible. Our Digital Microscope system is a combined tool that is able
to do Observation, Measurement, Recording, and see things “as they are.” Since we started our business almost 30 years ago as pioneer of digital
microscope, our main purpose hasn’t changed. “Make it possible to observe anything that our users are looking for.” From grayscale to color images,
we keep building the best environment and equipment for our users.
Never Stops Improving
The environment of observation is always changing and advancing. Hirox is seeking and improving our technology at the same speed.
Digital Microscopes used to be a tool for specialists, but our technology made it easy to use even if you don’t have skill or knowledge about
Digital Microscopes. You can capture images, save, and create reports on one Digital Microscope system at your desired level. The improvement on
Digital Microscope technology also helps develop other systems and methods to do research such as quality control and product improvement.
Digital Microscope systems expand opportunities and open up many more unknown studies.
Easy, Safe, and Stress-free Work Environment
Hirox is always seeking to improve our Digital Microscope system to meet and exceed our user’s expectations. An easy, safe, and stress-free work
environment is very obvious and basic, but that is fundamental to create a productive work place. From surface measurement to 3D measurement,
creating a procedure for an entire process is effortless with no intense training. At the same time, letting the system do all the measurements could
reduce the number of human-errors, and save a lot of time. This whole process constructs an easy, safe and stress-free environment for our
Digital Microscope users.
Total Solution for Quality Management in a New Era
(Delivering a total solution for production technology, design technology, quality management, cause analysis, failure analysis, research improvement,
and much more.) The demand for nondestructive testing is increasing in the current research scene. To make better products, and to be more efficient
with the process, you need to have a very high skill inspection system and structure that can keep up with that development and change.
Hirox understands that, to date, multi-tasking at a timely and efficient manner is required in any kind of industry. Hirox systems let you do observation
and inspection by anyone, anywhere, and at any time without any complications.

Product History

World Network

USA Offices

Head Office Location 100 Commerce Way, Hackensack, NJ 07601
TEL (201)342-2600
FAX (201)342-7322
E-mail info@hirox-usa.com
URL http://www.hirox-usa.com
California Office Location 29400 Kohoutek Way, Suite#180 Union City, CA 94587
TEL (510)489-2500
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Overseas Offices

Hirox Co Ltd.
Location 2-15-17 Koenji Minami Suginami-Ku, Tokyo 166-0003 Japan
TEL 03-3311-9911
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Hirox China Co., Ltd. Location Room 809, 8th Floor, Fortune International Plaza,No.43 Guo-Quan Road,Shanghai 200433, China.
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Hirox Korea Co., Ltd. Location #719 Metrokhan Bldg, 1115 Bisan-dong, Dongan-ku, Anyang-city, Gyeonggi-do, 431-058, Korea
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HIROX ASIA Ltd. Location Suite 1213,12/F, Ocean Center, 5 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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HIROX EUROPE Location Jyfel, 300 RN 6 Le Bois des Côtes, Bâtiment A F-69760 Limonest, France
TEL +33 426 25 03 40
FAX +33 426 23 68 13
E-mail info@hirox-europe.com
URL http://www.hirox-europe.com

Green Policy

Mission Statement
Hirox recognizes that preservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues facing humanity. The entire organization will devote the
utmost effort to minimizing our environmental footprint.
In order to minimize the environmental impact of all production or consumption activities connected to the manufacturing and marketing of microscopes,
and that of future products and services, Hirox will promote environmental management activities based on the following policies and strive to achieve
harmony with the global environment.
  1. To develop environmentally friendly products and technology, and to strive to protect the environment.
  2. To promote the reduced consumption of resources and energy, the separation and recycling of waste, and to strive to minimize our environmental footprint.
  3. To establish environmental benchmarks, and to develop their implementation consciously and continually.
  4. To allow branch office activities to contribute to the local environment by performing comprehensive environmental activities rooted in the local area.
Based on the above policy, products manufactured by Hirox as of October 2006 are in conformance with the RoHS directive that limits the use of
substances that are harmful to the environment and to individuals.